The voice of high school psychology teachers within the APA, TOPSS promotes excellence in the teaching of psychological science at the high school level. 

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Many content specific, peer-reviewed resources, videos and formative assessments organized by the National Standards.

TOPSS: A Professional Learning Community for High School Psychology Teachers

TOPSS provides many resources that can help you succeed in the classroom.
Challenging myths about career pathways: Job options are more diverse than you think

Considering Diversity: A Self-Reflection Tool for Psychology Teachers

This tool is designed to help teachers make their classrooms and school environments more inclusive and diverse places. Teaching resources are provided.

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Committee of Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools

To promote the scientific nature of introductory and advanced high school psychology; to meet curricular needs of secondary school teachers; and to provide opportunities for high school students to be recognized and rewarded for their academic excellence.
National Standards for High School Psychology Curricula

National Standards for High School Psychology Curricula

In addition to setting forth learning objectives for high school psychology students, this document provides guidance for teaching based on active learning principles and recommendations for student learning assessment.
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Guidelines for Preparing High School Psychology Teachers

Follow these teaching guidelines covering the certification and training of high school psychology teachers.
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Advocacy Toolkit for the Psychology Teaching Credential

This guide encourages teachers to advocate for the psychology teaching credential in each state.
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