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Psychology Careers

interlocking hands of color

Reimagining mental health for BIPOC communities

The time of COVID-19 and racial justice protests has been stressful, but it has also spurred BIPOC clinicians to find new ways of helping their communities and clients cope, heal, and thrive

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Management career trajectories of psychology graduates

About 12–15% of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degree recipients hold management roles in their very first job, while others assume managerial responsibilities by their second or third jobs.

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Transitioning from Academia to Industry: Strategies for a Successful Career Shift

Transitioning from academia to industry: Strategies for a successful career shift

This presentation provides a step-by-step process to help you make better career change decisions and you’ll have a generous list of resources to help you chart your course.

For students interested in psychology


Continuing Education and Training

Continuing Education

Continuing Education Programs in Psychology

Browse for CE by topic, credits, or format, and find information for organizations to become APA-approved sponsors to offer CE programs.

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APA Training and Events

APA provides training and professional development presentations and resources for members.

Newest CE Courses

Emotion-Focused Family Therapy: A Transdiagnostic Model for Caregiver-Focused Interventions

Define emotion-focused family therapy, and demonstrate emotion and behavior coaching.

Child and Adolescent Development in Cultural Context

Explain how culture impacts child and adolescent development, and discuss methods of research when studying child and adolescent development and culture.

Intraregional Migration in Latin America: Psychological Perspectives on Acculturation and Intergroup Relations

Explain Intraregional migration in Latin America from a psychological perspective.

The Psychology of High Performance: Developing Human Potential Into Domain-Specific Talent

Explore how an individual’s early potential develops into high performance, and discuss talent development across the domains of sport, the professions, academics, performing, and producing arts.

Contextual Social Psychology: Reanalyzing Prejudice, Voting, and Intergroup Contact

Define contextual social psychology, and describe the advantages of contextual analysis for social psychology.

Occupational Health Disparities: Improving the Well-Being of Ethnic and Racial Minority Workers

Explain occupational policy issues impacting health disparities Latino populations.

Higher Education

illustration of graduates in cap and gown, holding their diplomas

Preparing to Use Your Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Understand how your skills, degree, experiences, and brand prepare you to land a job that’s the right fit for you.

Your guide to mentoring

This collection of articles from the Monitor on Psychology highlights the best practices for mentoring, innovative ways to find the right mentor, and advice on how to steer clear of common ethical pitfalls when mentoring.

Pre-K to 12 Education

Top 20 Principles

Top 20 Principles for Teaching and Learning

Principles from psychological science about effective teaching and learning in preK–12 classrooms.