Salary negotiations

Salary data and negotiation skills

You ought to be paid what your position is worth, but how do you know what your position is worth? How do you negotiate appropriately? We’ve assembled some of the more popular data sources and skill development tools available to early career psychologists.


Early career development resources

Get your career off to the right start with resources for researchers, practitioners, academia, and more.
Budget sheets and calculator

Boost your financial literacy

Financial planning information for early career psychologists, including the National Health Service Corps loan repayment program.
Grants, Awards and Funding

Funding and grants for early career psychologists

Descriptions of awards and funding opportunities for early career psychologists
Get Connected

Get connected

Learn about networking opportunities and find out how to get involved with APA governance, advocacy, and more.

State Psychology Licensure Toolkit

State psychology licensure toolkit

How have states updated their licensure laws to count preinternship hours, what are the benefits of doing so, and how can you advocate for more states to get on board?

Join APA as an Early Career Psychologist

Join APA as an early career psychologist

Join APA today and get the resources you need to help you develop new skills, deepen your knowledge, and strengthen your professional identity.

Video contest: Self-care in your early career

The Committees on Colleague Assistance and Early Career Psychologists held a 2018 video contest asking early career psychologists to submit a minute-long video about how they take care of themselves despite demanding professional and personal responsibilities. Watch these two winning videos for your own inspiration.

Early career grants and awards

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