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Our Corporate Supporters represent the highest level of commitment to the American Psychological Association’s programming and advocacy work. By advertising year-round, supporting the APA Annual Convention, and providing integrated educational materials and resources to our membership, APA Corporate Supporters demonstrate their unwavering commitment to championing psychologists at all stages of their careers, and to furthering psychology as a science.

American Professional Agency, Inc.

American Professional Agency, Inc. began operations in 1940 in New York City selling medical malpractice insurance. Since then, American Professional Agency has grown to be the largest writer of mental health professional liability insurance in the United States, with over 100,000 healthcare policyholders.

Through American Professional Agency, Inc.’s commitment to excellence, and our relationship with the American Psychological Association, professionals in the mental health field will receive elevated support, furthering the benefit of wellness and health of the greater community.

In light of the liability challenges that psychologists face, as experts we are committed to providing insurance solutions that are comprehensive and responsive. Our enhanced broad coverage policy, tailored to each psychologist’s practice, brings value with key features, important benefits and multiple premium discounts. Underwriters provide personal attention, underwriting expertise, and are recognized for outstanding customer service. 

American Professional Agency is committed to serving the profession of psychology not only by providing professional liability insurance, but also by offering risk management services and guidance in general. We are proud Corporate Supporters of the American Psychological Association, and supportive of the APA’s mission to improve lives and benefit society through the advancement of psychology. American Professional Agency is the sole authorized and preferred provider of professional liability insurance for APA members. 

For more information, please visit the American Professional Agency, Inc. website.


At TherapySites, we're committed to empowering mental health professionals to better connect with their clients. We work with you to build an online presence that's a beneficial investment for your practice. 

TherapySites websites are cost-effective, easy to launch, and stress-free to maintain. We bundle all the necessary features and services into an all-inclusive package. Our friendly, knowledgeable customer care team is always here to help.

If you'd like to build your practice with a company that goes above and beyond to help you thrive in the world of modern marketing, contact TherapySites today. We support the American Psychological Association in its mission to advance psychological knowledge and improve lives.

For more information, please visit the TherapySites website.

Multi-Health Systems Inc. (MHS)

Multi-Health Systems Inc. (MHS) aligns extensive scientific research and powerful data with innovative technologies to develop and publish leading psychological assessments that help inform critical decisions in the areas of mental health, education, talent development, and public safety. Trusted to help users accurately assess, evaluate, and improve performance in over 75 countries, MHS assessments help people around the world reach their full potential. These popular assessment tools include the Conners family of assessments, the Level of Service suite of assessments, and the Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i 2.0®), among many more.

MHS is committed to helping you help others which is why it is a proud supporter of the American Psychological Association (APA). As the leading scientific and professional organization representing psychology in the United States, APA is a hub of psychological knowledge used to benefit society and improve people’s lives. The work this organization does to provide learning and professional development opportunities to psychologists is outstanding and their efforts continuously contribute to the ongoing growth and evolution of our psychological community. 

For more information, please visit the MHS website.

Pearson Clinical Assessments

Pearson Clinical Assessments are trusted globally to empower professionals like you to improve the lives of your clients. Each tool is developed based on the latest research, and best practices, and represent the highest technical quality in clinical assessment. Q-interactive® and Q-global® digital solutions provide the advantage of streamlining your workflow and offer innovative ways to engage your clients. As a proud supporter of APA, we provide psychologists with products that can help you determine effective treatments that lead to better outcomes.

For more information, please visit the Pearson website.


TherapyNotes™ helps therapists manage their practices more efficiently through an easy-to-use, secure platform for notes, billing, scheduling, and more. Founded in 2010 by Brad and Debra Pliner, TherapyNotes™ is used by over 60,000 behavioral health professionals. Small and large practices alike choose TherapyNotes™ for many reasons. One is that it simplifies their administrative work, giving practitioners more time and energy to focus on providing effective care for their patients. Other reasons include amazing technical support, regular involvement in mental health awareness campaigns, and an incredible commitment to the field of psychology. TherapyNotes™ is happy to help therapists manage their practices and enthusiastically supports APA’s efforts to benefit society and improve people’s lives. 

For more information, please visit the TherapyNotes website.

Brighter Vision

Brighter Vision specializes in making marketing simple for private practices. As a Corporate Supporter of APA, all members receive two months free of a new website with Brighter Vision. Brighter Vision’s all-in-one website design service helps you grow your practice by: 
  • Creating a high-quality website designed to resonate with the clients you do your best work with 
  • Collaborating and working with one of their professional design teams who work with you at your pace and provide design consultations with you via email or phone 
  • Helping your website rank high in search engine results by applying all of the latest search engine optimization (SEO) techniques 
  • Providing pre-written client forms and content so you don’t spend hours writing this information on your own 
  • Making your website secure so that your clients feel safe and search engines trust your website 
  • Keeping your website up to date through free and unlimited technical support 

All Brighter Vision websites include a domain name, two email addresses and hosting for no additional cost. Contact Brighter Vision if you have questions and would like to speak with someone.

For more information, please visit the Brighter Vision website.

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To learn more about APA's Strategic Alliance Program or to become a Corporate Supporter, please email Jenn Chreky, Manager, Strategic Alliances, or telephone at (202) 572-3036.

Date created: July 2018